It’s That Coachella Time Of Year

Coachella Weekend One featured a small dust storm, a bunch of must see moments  and a bunch of haters hating on it. Despite its commercialization, and two weekend revenue optimization, the music still rules, especially from 12:30-9PM. Sure, the headliners pay the bills, but it’s the bands on their way up, playing to the real music crowds early in the day that make it what it is.

Check out a few festival tips from @Ruxputin

Here is what we’ll be checking out this weekend.
On Spotify: TastemakerX V31 “Coachella 2014”
On Rdio: TastemakerX V31 “Coachella 2014” 

Enjoy, and remember if you’re not there, YouTube will bring it to you!

What we’re listening to right now: ( Listen to the Collection )


In case you missed the announcement, you can now listen with Rdio on TastemakerX. That means you can listen to automagically created playlists for any Artist, Fan Collection or Chart using either Spotify or Rdio. Sweet!

And if you have Spotify playlists you want to convert to Rdio, make sure to check out Convert My Playlist

Marc, Sandro and the TastemakerX band