Listen to our top Artists of 2013


It was another amazing year for new music. But with every year it’s getting even harder to find these precious needles in the haystack.

We spent 2013 doing our best to solve this problem, believing still that people turn people onto music. With that in mind, we hope everyone takes the time to build an end of the year collection with your 12 favorite Artists.

Remember, each Collection allows you to:

  1. Rank Artists how you like them
  2. Stay up to date thru your Artist Feed full of music, videos, photos, tour dates and more
  3. Listen to playlists via Spotify and Rdio (Rdio is mobile only)
  4. Share with friends no matter what music service they use

Here are our favorite Artists of 2013 ( View the Collection )


Lastly we wanted to take a moment to commemorate a few of the Artists who passed away this year. Being a musician has never been an easy life, and as fans we wanted to thank them for contributing to the soundtrack of our lives.


We’ve got an even bigger 2014 planned for TastemakerX, so stay tuned and have a great holiday season.

Marc, Sandro and the TastemakerX band