Grammys, Beats Music & a farewell to Pete


It’s been a busy week. The Grammys have come and gone - we’re happy for Lorde and Paul’s new song was actually pretty good. That said, shouldn’t the Grammys celebrate the best music and not just the most played?

Beats Music launched as a curation meets all you can eat streaming service, and it’s slick. Since we’re of like minds, we’re going to be integrating Beats Music into TastemakerX real soon so stay tuned.

Marc, our fearless CEO, has put together another scrumptious playlist: TastemakerX V28: “Delicious Covers #1”

On a sad note, RIP, Pete Seeger. He was a true American Original.

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Marc, Sandro and the TastemakerX band 

PS: We thought this was pretty funny as well