The Times They Are a-Changin

Loyal Tastemakers,

As you all know, for the past 18 months we have been building, evolving and expanding TastemakerX. When we started our goal was to turn music discovery into the best game imaginable. Over this period of time we listened, learned and iterated on the core platform. We added a robust web environment to compliment iOS, and integrated loads of cool services. For the past six months we have leveraged all your great user feedback to build what we hope is the missing link in social music curation and discovery.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we will be unveiling the new and improved TastemakerX very soon and beginning Friday morning, TastemakerX, as it currently stands, will be turned off in preparation of the things to come.

But before we say goodbye to the first generation of TastemakerX, we want to give a shout-out to the top 25 players with the most valuable Collections. In order, from 1st on down are: basketoflight, SoSimpull, anna, drugs, Eron, russell, BigT, Daniroo, MusicMogel, Lucretia, jtriest, lunamick, deeps, noiserec, jerkpine, Jhodak, OrenJosep, BurningEar, fifix, kitchenfloor, jaymillar, designisgo, christian, montgomer174, and sulli310

To all of you who have been with us since the beginning, or joined us along the way, or who have been rooting for us from afar, your support greatly shaped the new TastemakerX experience. You all rock and we really appreciate you embracing the platform.

The countdown begins! See you soon!

- Marc, Sandro and the TastemakerX Team