End of Year, Cheer…

The beginning of the end of the beginning. I guess that’s where we are today, a year’s worth of making, iterating, reformulating, and building out what we hope is becoming the most robust social music discovery platform on the web.

In the last few months we have been evolving TastemakerX to include quite a bit more information about artists and the tastemakers who care about them. Our goal from the beginning was to point people to music they wouldn’t otherwise know about. We do this through a combination of things people do directly and the signals produced through buying and selling.

This new evolution now includes:

Artist Music & Videos

A completely redesigned Artist profile which now provides the ability to listen to and watch content from Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud and YouTube. Because there are a bunch of incredible ways to listen music, we want to make sure you select the platform you prefer. Stay tuned for more of your favorite listening choices in the future.

More Artist Information

Artist pages also include real-time tweets from authenticated artist twitter accounts, artist news, TastemakerX activity and artist charts. Each page will now allow you to click directly through to the artist’s Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm and Wikipedia page as well in case you want to dig deeper.

Enhanced 1-Year Artist Graphs

With regards to historical charts, we have known from the beginning that a one week chart only tells part of the story, so our new charts will now look back up to a year. If you want to know what has happened to bands like Of Monsters and Men, Alabama Shakes, Frank Ocean and others, this chart tells the story pretty succinctly.

Connect with people & their tunes

We have redesigned the player pages as well so that it’s easier to find people connected to you and listen to their personalized Spotify playlists based on their portfolios. We have also made it easier to invite friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter to TastemakerX and get credit for doing so.

New Monthly Artist Charts

We’ve also rolled out new monthly charts of the most popular (by number of trades) and most up and coming Artists (by number of shares purchased) in our ecosystem. You could call these our Artist leaderboards :)

An updated iPhone App

We’ve made a bunch of improvements and bug fixes to the iPhone app to make it faster and more usable. Most notably, we’ve enhanced the iPhone5 compatibility, improved the Social Login flows with Facebook & Twitter, and made the trade flow faster. Download our App now.

Collections are coming…

We have been listening very closely to what you have to say and after a long series of interactions and conversations, over the next few months we will be changing a bit of the language on TastemakerX. Portfolio’s are becoming “Collections,” shares are becoming “Records,” and users will be “Adding” and “Removing” records from their collections. This has always been a deep internal debate for us. The stock market mechanic is pretty easy for most people to grok, but it does come with quite a bit of unnecessary negative baggage. By early next year, you will begin to see your “Collection” visualized in a completely different way.

A little Something Extra…

Over the next few months we will be putting the finishing touches on TastemakerX V.1 and a handful of secret projects. Until then enjoy our current mix: TastemakerX V.11 “Indian Summer”

Thanks again for your loyal usage, and please invite your fellow music loving friends to join! Remember, the more people that play the sharper the signal, the better we are able to surface what is happening.

Marc, Sandro and the rest of the Tastemaker team