Fall’s here & we’ve got a huge update for you with Spotify, Songkick, Achievements & a new Player Profile (oh my)

Dear Tastemakers, 

We wanted to thank you all for continuing to make the TastemakerX platform an active place to spend time discovering new music and like minded music fans. It’s important to remember that we are still working feverishly to finish what we originally set out to do, so we appreciate your patience throughout. Believe us, we can’t wait to get there!

Over the next few months you will begin to see the things evolving to be much more social and personal. The new version of the website has some killer new features that we hope will make it easier and more productive to spend real time listening to the music you are discovering and connecting more directly to the people turning you on to the best new stuff. 

In addition to a better faster experience, we have: 

  • integrated the Spotify Play Button into the website so that you can kick back and listen to the artists you find charting or through your individual feed 
  • woven in Songkick concert listings, so that you don’t miss your fav band playing in your backyard
  • rolled out a new and & improved Player profile to make it easier to find other like minded fans to follow and engage with
  • rebuilt the Achievements from the ground up so you will be able to earn more Notes and accolades by just being active, and also added a Daily Interest bonus so play every day to keep earning Notes!

Every day we add more artists to the platform long before they hit any radar through the player base. So far you all have picked up every signal imaginable to send an artist trending: new release, tour announcement, festival slot, untimely passing, etc. The more active you all are the better we become at surfacing the artists as they bubble up.  Remember to invite your friends to join to make things even more social. 

Next month, among other things, we’ll be launching the first ever Fantasy Music platform as well so that you can throw down in a league to see how good you are at finding the next big thing, or just have some quality TastemakerX time with just your closest buds.

Again, we wouldn’t be here without you. The ride is only beginning. Enjoy some free notes on us using code THEFALL (redeemable in your Settings on the website, or in the Me section of the App), and have a listen to the latest TastemakerX playlist: TastemakerX V.8 “Summer’s Over”

Marc, Sandro and the whole Tastemaker crew …