Our Aim


*hat tip to Elvis Costello

We created TastemakerX because we love bands and we love being fans. When you stand in front of a band you have never and feel that inevitable joyous urge to do something - take a picture, tweet, and share a song or the venue - we’ve always wished there was something more you could do. When you’re listening to an album for the first time that you’ll listen to a thousand more times and you just want to scream “I f*cking love this band!” but no one’s listening. We kept thinking back to band fan clubs in the 60s and 70s where a band knew the name and address of all their diehard fans and could connect with them in ways those fans would never forget.

We love shows. We love listening to all kinds of music. We love caring about bands. As a matter of fact, we’ve written about it since 1996. Because music is one the most important passions on the planet, we created a game to help people discover new artists and like minded music fans. That’s why we made TastemakerX.

We know that the only way this works is if we can help make bands connect with more fans, bring them to more shows and make fans love their favorite bands even more. If we’re not actually helping bands sell more music tech and merchandise than we’ll just stop what we’re doing because there’s no reason it shouldn’t be done. But all this goes hand-in-hand with creating a place for rans to talk and share with the whole world what they love, what they jut discovered, and what shows they can’t wait to go to next. You don’t have to worry about your Aunt asking on your wall if Araabmuzik are terroriss and you don’t have to deal with Twitter replies from your boss saying The Eagles were the greatest band ever because TastemakerX is just for music fans and artists.

Marc, Sandro, and the TastemakerX Team